Analog Electronics Lab

Introductory experimental laboratory that explores the design, construction, and debugging of analog electronic circuits ,investigate the performance characteristics of diodes,transistors, JFETs, and op-amps, including the construction of a small audio amplifier and preamplifier.


Microwave Engineering Lab

To understand the basic concepts of microwave and wireless communication,demonstrate the electromagnetic propagation using microwave sources and antennas at S and X bands frequencies.provide the state-of-art softwares for the design and development of various microwave circuits and antennas.

Network and Simulation Lab

NS lab engages in a wide range of experiemental and theoretical research in Wireless networks, Cyber-Physical Systems, Cyber Security, and ICT for societal development.

Communication Lab

Communications – Signal Processing Engineering Lab allows experimentation with analog and digital communicating circuits.

Embedded and Robotics Lab

The Lab is also involved with work on design and implementation of different real time scheduling algorithms for embedded Initiative to setup e-Yantra Robotics Lab under e-Yantra Lab Set-up Initiative (eLSI) by IIT Bombay.


Signal Processing Lab

This is Open source Lab.We perform experiment on Open Source Software To make individuals learn FOSS through a practical approach.This lab migrated to IIT-B Scilab Lab Migration Project

Digital Electronics and Measurements Lab

To understand the experiments student must understand the theory of the circuits under test, and the instruments used to test them.In the lab a student performs the experiments, where he/she obtains “hands on” experience on how to correctly connect circuits, and use the various laboratory equipment.

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