From General Secretary's Desk

Dream Big!

Dear Aspiring Student,

Congratulations on having committed yourself to join our technical campus. We are delighted to have you as a student of Anjuman-I-Islam’s Kalsekar Technical Campus offering degree programmes in Engineering, Architecture and Pharmacy.


The campus is designed to help you learn in a most conducive and disciplined ambience that will help you succeed in your chosen career/venture. At a personal level, we believe that each one of us has a unique personality and a unique set of capabilities. We need to use these capabilities well, and to pursue our dreams with self confidence and self belief. We believe that this educational experience must help you bring out your uniqueness and inspire you to dream big.

Therefore, the campus is set up to help you get graduated in the chosen technical field at one level while helping you chalk out the journey of your life at another level. Please make full use of this advantageous opportunity to achieve both these objectives.

Wishing you a very adventurous and exciting learning experience and a very eventful life once you have graduated and this venture marks the beginning of your learning, not an end to your studies!

Hon.General Secretary,

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