Computer Engineering

Duration: 4 years Intake: 60 seats Total strength of student : 193

Computer Engineering is the process of analyzing and design of all hardware, software and operating systems, focus on computer networking, providing different ways to secure your data under online or offline mode. Now, can you imagine your world without computers and their support? No!!! why don’t you support the world by joining Computer Engineering.

FOSS Centric

  • FOSS leverages knowledge sharing which is a base of Education.
  • Saving huge amount on Software front.
  • Provision of virus free computing environment.
  • Encouraging and supporting other departments to use FOSS.

Our Cloud = OwnCloud

  • Department has deployed free and open source cloud server named Owncloud.
  • Provision of 4TB storage size.
  • Facilitates around 250 users.
  • Optimally utilizes IBM server with 4 GB RAM for cloud.

Internet & Computing Facilities

  • Department regulates 75 Mbps Internet facility to the campus.
  • Facility is controlled and accessed through Firewall. Facilitates around 500 users.
  • New addition to services is deployment of Moodle..

Programmers Club

  • Its a platform for building the problem solving skills of the students.
  • Democratic platform by the students and for the students.

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