Laboratory Major Equipments
Material Testing & Concrete Technology Computerized CTM-3000KN capacity, Concrete Mixer, Los Angeles Abrasion Testing machine, flow table, etc.
Fluid Mechanics & Applied Hydraulics Reynold’s apparatus, Tilting flume, Wind Tunnel, Turbines, pumps, Flow measuring instruments, etc.
Surveying Total Station, Theodolite, Auto level, Tilting levels, Plane Table, Planimeter, Transit level, Prismatic Compass, etc.
Engineering Geology Rocks & Minerals, Structural Geology Models, etc.
Transportation Engg. Benkelman Beam, Dorry abrasion test, Deval’s abrasion testing machine, Marshall Apparatus, etc.
Geotechnical Engg. Triaxial test, Direct Shear Test, Unconfined Compression test, CBR, Permeability, etc.
Environmental Engg. COD/BOD incubator & analyzer, pH indicator, weather station, centrifuge, spectrophotometer & flame photometer

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