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Learning Resources

Sr.No Name of resource person Subject Resource material
01 Prof. Zarrar Ahmed Khan EDC-I Youtube Channel Click here to visit
02 Prof. Riyaz Pathan Circuit Theory-Youtube channel Click here to visit
03 Prof. Mazhar Malagi MRE-Video Click here to visit
04 Prof. Afzal Shaikh Wireless Network-PPT Click here to Download
05 Dr.Mujib Tamboli Mobile Communication-PPT Click here to Download
06 Prof.Chaya.S IVC-Notes Click here to Download
07 Prof. Geeta Desai EIC Notes Click here to Download
08 Prof. Rahul Khadase Microwave Engg Click here to view
09 Prof.Siraj Pathan OCN Notes Click here to Download
10 Prof. Altaf Balsing Telecom Network Management Click here to Download
11 Prof. Rizwan Alvi DTSP Notes Click here to Download
12 Prof.Shahin Athvani DComm Notes Click here to Download


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