Computer Department Faculty Profile

Teaching Staff

Name Designation Profile
Prof. Tabrez Khan I/c H.O.D
Prof. Sheikh Javed Khan Asst. Professor
Prof. Mubashir Khan Asst. Professor
Prof. Irfan Jamkhandikar Asst. Professor
Prof. Sameer Panwala Asst. Professor
Prof. Aamer Syed Hashmi Asst. Professor
Prof. Muhammed Salman Shamsi Asst. Professor
Prof. Shaikh Abdul Salam Asst. Professor
Prof. Kalpana Bodke Asst. Professor
Prof. Apeksha Gopale Asst. Professor
Prof. Rehaal Qureshi Teaching Assistant
Prof. Ansari Mukhtar Asst. Professor


Non-teaching Staff

Name Qualification Designation
Sachin Savarde M.C.A System Administrator
Shahnawaz Qazi Diploma (CO), AMIE (Pursuing) Lab Assistant
Manoj Dhawalkar B.A, CCNS Lab Assistant
Tufail Khan M.Sc (IT) (Pursuing), CCNA Lab Assistant
Vasimoddin Shaikh M.C.A Lab Assistant
Mohammed. Arif Quraishi M.Sc (IT) (Pursuing) Lab Assistant
Maviya Majid Patel B.Com Clerk
Nabeel Shaikh S.S.C, H.S.C, B.A(pursuing) Peon
Sandesh Mhatre H.S.C, B.A Peon
Vishal Patil H.S.C Peon
Shahebaz Adhikari S.S.C Peon

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